All rehearsals and recitals will be held at Wilder Performing Arts Center at Norfolk State University, located at 700 Park Avenue, Norfolk. There is free parking. Do not park in the circle drive or on the outside of the circle drive or you will be towed!

Shining stars will arrive on Friday, June 16th to Wilder Performing Arts Center at 9:30am. Juniors arrive at 12:00, intermediate dancers at 3:00pm, and senior dancers at 6:30pm. (Starting times are 30 minutes later)

Parents – please do not drop off your child for the rehearsal. An adult needs to be with them in case of emergency. Please dress at home before arriving… no body or hair glitter is allowed. For the recital…arrive 60 minutes early As soon as you arrive, please take the student backstage to line up in the hall with their class where the teacher or class helper will meet them. Then go find your seat in the auditorium for announcements.. It is very important that when Mrs. Hummel comes onstage to give announcements that everyone be quiet.  After your student is done performing their routine, you are to come back to the hall to claim them and then are free to leave for the day.  Your child will not be sent to the audience – you must come get them. Before you leave please go backstage and locate which dressing room you will bring your child to before the recital begins on Saturday for the actual performance. From the lobby, the girls will go around to the left hallway. The boys will go down the right hallway then to the back hall dressing rooms. Please silence cell phones and devices during rehearsal and recital. Please remember, no food or drink in your costume!

We do not mind if your child comes into the audience with you after they have performed.  They must dress in street clothes or cover their costume entirely with a robe before going into the audience with you.  (the sequins and stones on costumes cast a sparkle across the inside of the theater and ruin the DVD. It is also distracting. That is why we have this rule)

The green room is for the staff and is not available for changing clothes.  Also, please don’t change in the bathrooms. No balloons or coolers are permitted inside the building for security reasons. No outside food is allowed in the auditiorium, lobby, or dressing rooms. Food will be for sale at the concession stand. Some families will put a cooler in the car and have a picnic outside!

Junior, intermediate, and senior recitals… more is happening than just your rehearsal. We have to set the lighting and backdrop changes for each of the dances at dress rehearsal. They are programmed into a computer so the recital will run smooth. Please plan to be at the rehearsal for longer than you expect.

You are certainly welcome and encouraged to videotape your child at the rehearsal. Flash photography is not allowed at any time due to the blinding of the students onstage (which can cause someone to lose balance and fall, among other things.)

Video cameras are not allowed during the recital. Out of respect for all families involved we would like no one to have an obstructed view. We also cannot allow cameras to be set up on the sides or in the back of the auditorium. (that would be a huge trip hazard, as the lights are turned completely off during recital.)  The fire marshall does inspect the event. If security finds someone videotaping, unfortunately you will be asked to put your camera away in your car.

Wilder PAC holds around 2000 people. It is a free recital. The balcony will be open for the recital but not rehearsal.  Please, to keep everyone in a wonderful mood so that we can all enjoy your child’s accomplishments, we ask that you do not save seats. We have 4 separate recitals to help alleviate crowding.

We thank you again for the pleasure of teaching your child. We sincerely hope you enjoy the show!

Show times:   Petite – 10:00am,    Junior – 12:30pm,    Intermediate – 3:30pm,   Senior – 7:00pm

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