Adagio and Character

Adagio is the style most girls dream about when they are little. Dreams of how their prince will sweep her off her feet. *Adagio, also known as partnering, is a couple style of dance between a man and woman. The strength of a male dancer and grace of a female together create the most unique and spectacular moves. This difficult style comes only after several years of training and can only be joined upon request.

Adagio at Academie de Balle

However we also offer Character that involves less intense lifts and more partner dancing. This class is offered to students in level 3/4 ballet and up.This is a good way to become acclimated to partnering while enjoying different folk dances. Character gives one a taste of different cultural styles of dance. This class will take you back to the roots of a country’s pride in their style of dance requirements.

Character Classes at Academie de Ballet